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LSG Case Study


Lighting Science Group (LSG) is a manufacturer of light emitting diode (LED) commercial and residential lighting technology generally accepted as “the next big thing” in the lighting industry. Solid state LED lighting has evolved over the past 25 years from lowly appliance and electrical equipment indicator lights and traffic signals to a long-life, energy cost saving technology already rivaling conventional incandescent and fluorescent lighting in many applications and projected to replace traditional light sources within a decade.


Launch an LSG LED light source engineered to replace the standard incandescent light bulb whose basic technology has changed little since its invention by Thomas Edison over 120 years ago. CMA and LSG targeted LightFair, the nation’s largest commercial lighting trade show, as the promotional platform for the launch to establish distribution channels for the LED replacement lamp among lighting/electrical distributors and energy service companies who specialize in energy-efficient lighting installations. The LSG LED replacement lamp has a life of 50,000 hours (50 times greater than an incandescent), uses 84 percent less energy and provides comparable light output and quality. However, as might be expected with an emerging technology, it comes with a much higher first cost. Launching the Future of Lighting


Branding Theme

As a cutting edge lighting technology heralding the future of lighting, the LSG LED replacement lamp was positioned as nothing short of the reinvention of lighting. The fact that LSG’s headquarters is located in New Jersey, not far from where Thomas Edison first invented the light bulb, played into the branding theme of “light reinvented.”

Brochure/Direct Mail

CMA created a brochure to promote distribution and installation of the LSG replacement lamp. The brochure focused on payback issues (such as “no need to buy or change a light bulb for 10 years) and the energy saving advantages (“changing just one incandescent light bulb to an LED replacement light in each U.S. household would save 8.7 billion kilowatt hours of electricity”). The brochure positioned the new LED bulb as the world changing alternative to the standard incandescent light as well as doubling as direct mail for post-trade show follow up.


CMA developed a 90 second flash video to run as a continuous loop on an LSG kiosk at LightFair and promote awareness and credibility for the product as a transformational and world-changing innovation. The video succinctly and persuasively documented the LED light source’s operational an environmental benefits in a visually engaging and appealing manner.


CMA designed and wrote a mini-web site dedicated to the LED replacement lamp which expanded on its features and benefits versus the standard incandescent light bulb. In addition to housing the video, the website also provided a platform for educating visitors about the basics of LED lighting technology.


Through the LightFair launch and in the months following, LSG successfully leveraged the marketing materials created by CMA for a promotional splash at the trade show as well as establishing a beach-head in electrical distribution to begin to generate steady sales of the LED replacement light.