Creative Marketing Alliance » Meeting Metropolis Recruits CMA’s Jeff Barnhart for Marketing Expertise

Meeting Metropolis Recruits CMA’s Jeff Barnhart for Marketing Expertise

On April 4th, CMA President and CEO, Jeffrey Barnhart lent his expertise to a panel discussion at an event called Meeting Metropolis hosted by the Philadelphia CVB. In his session, “The AMC Marketing Swap – 50 Marketing Ideas in 50 Minutes!” Barnhart discussed the concept of strategy leading marketing tactics that have helped CMA’s clients grow.

“AMC industry experts were happy to share their marketing experience with meeting planners from across the country who attended the Philadelphia Meeting Metropolis. Jeff shared the reasons why it is so important to strategically think through and plan for your marketing approach.  Both Jeff and the other speaker then participated in roundtable discussions where attendees idea-stormed on marketing tactics.  All attendees left with several practical nuggets that they will easily be able to apply to their organization’s marketing plan!,” said Sue Pine, National Accounts Manager for the Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau.

Jeff revealed that having a good strategic marketing plan prepares businesses to accomplish three things:

  1. Consistent branding/messaging – A brand should clearly identify who the company is, benefits of products and services, taglines and mission statements should be evaluated frequently to ensure they communicate well with customers.
  2. Well thought-out timing of tactics – Ideally businesses should begin planning and promoting milestones such as anniversaries or product launches immediately after the recent one concludes. A promotional schedule should be developed and broken down to the following time periods with assigned tasks and deadlines: 9 months, 6 months, 4 months, 3 months, 2 months, 1 month, pre-launch and post-launch.
  3. Right combination of tactics to suit your target audience – By taking a strategic look at your company, you get a sense of how your target audience likes to be communicated to. Consider developing a strategic marketing plan as it will help tailor the right tactics for the company.

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