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How to Produce a Successful Video and Promote it Online Effectively

Every business would like to produce a video that goes viral—one that will grab the attention of your customers and cause them to buy into what you are selling. Making a video isn’t too hard, but creating one with enough impact to have it listed as one of the Most Viewed videos on YouTube is quite difficult. Consider these five steps to help produce a successful video.

1. Research what has already been done. Your competition is your best teacher so take a look at what they produced and examine what worked and what didn’t.

2. Hone your script. Take your time with the script until it becomes the exact map of what you want to say down to the last seconds of the video.

3. Hire good talent. Many companies use their own employees in the video, but it’s important to find actors who will bolster your brand and keep your viewer engaged.

4. Assemble a seasoned video production team. You don’t want your video to look like an amateur made it so assemble a team of seasoned professionals that are able to give you a seamless product.

5. Keep management involved. It’s important you have buy in from your management team on the video so make sure to keep them involved in every stage of the project. This will ensure a solid product that everyone agrees is the best you have to offer.

So once you create your video, what’s next? Promote it online any way you can. When you hear this, your first thought is YouTube which posts millions of videos each day. How will you get your video noticed? You will get noticed if you have targeted your video to your specific audience in the most engaging way possible. YouTube and other search engines have breakdowns of every possible market for both consumer and business videos. You can choose from the list of those prospects that meet your criteria, but don’t forget to include other social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter as well as podcasts, your company’s blog, other independent blogs and websites in your marketing efforts.

Keep these things in mind when you are marketing your video:

1. Make it short – two minutes or less.

2. Make your title stand out.

3. Use key search words to get your video on top of search engine results.

4. Direct your visitors to your website.

5. Encourage customer participation.

6. Offer a promotion like a giveaway or a coupon.

7. Include a call to action in your video.

8. Show your product if you have one.

9. Keep measuring the effect of your video.

Looking to produce a video and drive promotional efforts that will cause your target audience to take action? Let us know what you think video can do for your company by sharing your experiences in our comments section.

Erin Higgins
Director of Marketing Services

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