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Content Marketing: It’s More Than Just Buzz

A new and significant category of marketing has been identified and will continue to grow, indefinitely: “Content Marketing.”

We all consume mass quantities of information every day and the way we seek, receive and absorb that information is changing, both in methodology and preference. Videos and documents, emails and websites, blogs and tweets, just to name a few. Technologies are intended to make information access easier yet those very dynamics are causing some information overloads and keeping marketers up at night.

In 2012, it is forecasted that for the first time in history, online marketing spend will exceed print marketing spend. It is estimated that 9 of 10 small to medium-sized business marketers consider “Content Marketing” to be a priority for them in 2012. Content Marketing includes all the buzz words from social media to videos to blogs to webcasts and virtual trade shows.

To build and manage and promote these different types of content is no easy task. It is estimated that more than 60% of marketers outsource their content marketing (content creation and deployment) simply because they don’t have the internal resources. Meanwhile, outsourcing video production or writing of articles or blogs and tweet content may not be in the budget. So what’s a marketer to do?

  • Engaging content. Video or written, it should fulfill a void and/or answer a question.
  • Quality not quantity. The concept of “garbage in, garbage out” applies, especially when it comes to Content Marketing.
  • Technology and performance metrics are your friend. Measure as much of the sales cycle as possible. Dashboards, for example, should provide gross response rate versus take rate.
  • Strive to test and measure to help qualify and properly target tactics. Blend prioritization of messages and tactics to ease workload and workflow.
  • Sales and marketing should work toward unified goals. Understand what’s hot and what’s not.

Understanding the launch of timely, quality content may not yield a sale from the first visitor, but it will certainly leave a lasting impression of your company.

Erin Higgins
Director of Marketing Services

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