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How to Boost Your Marketing Efforts During the Holidays

By Denise Vargas The holidays are approaching quickly and with that comes concerts, decorating, baking and shopping for gifts. It seems like the days get infinitely shorter as we try to cram more and more activities into each day. Given that it’s such a hectic time of year, it’s only natural that businesses must work […]

How to Market Your Business for Black Friday

marketing firm in princeton

By Joseph DeFalco Summer wasn’t even over before word of this year’s most anticipated Black Friday deals began to leak online. In this frenetic holiday sale world we live in, Black Friday is the mother of all shopping days. It is the one day you can pick up the best deals on TVs, video games, […]

Is WordPress the Right Website Builder for Your Brand?

Website Image

By Samantha Joergens Every business is online these days. Being searchable online is an absolutely critical part of your business’ marketing and brand identity. With that in mind, you should think carefully before embarking on any project to create a new website or rebuild an existing one. After all, the goal is to enhance your […]

How Microsoft’s Acquisition of LinkedIn Will Affect Your Social Media Strategy

We don’t know all of the details of how Microsoft’s acquisition of LinkedIn will play out, but one thing is for sure — it will certainly make our lives easier. It will also begin to seamlessly integrate our daily business processes with social media, whether we’re ready or not. Microsoft’s $26.2 billion purchase of the […]

Six Secrets SEO Experts Want You To Know

SEO image

By Casey Parrett We all search online several times a day, or more likely several times an hour. But what determines the order of your search results on Google, and more importantly, how can your company rise to the top of those results? It’s all about Search Engine Optimization, SEO for short, and how the […]

How to Produce a Successful Video & Promote it Effectively

video screen

You’ve seen videos on Facebook, Twitter and company websites. You’ve watched, you’ve laughed and you’ve shared. You probably wondered — hey, how do I get in on this trend? We’re here to tell you it’s not so difficult; you just need to take a step back and think about your objectives. Are you looking to […]

3 Branding Lessons We Learned from Prince

Prince’s sudden death brought shock and disbelief. More than 30 years after his first hit song, his concerts and music were still in high demand. As thought leaders in branding, our mind immediately ran to what marketing lessons we can learn from the iconic singer’s lengthy and diverse career. 1. Associate your brand with a […]

How to Leverage Emotion to Convert Leads

“I’d like to build the world a home And furnish it with love Grow apple trees and honey bees And snow white turtle doves I’d like to teach the world to sing In perfect harmony I’d like to hold it in my arms And keep it company” Are you smiling yet? Bet you are. Did […]

How to Boost Your Referral Traffic from Social Media

Social Media

We all push out content from our website onto social media networks in the hopes of drawing traffic to our website. The question is, does it work? And how often do you share your content? If you’re like most businesses, you take the article headline, a link, and some applicable hashtags and throw it up […]

Become a Social Media Insider with this #QuickTip

social media insider

We’ve all been there. You’re attending this month’s hottest networking event and then it happens – you get caught smack dab in the middle of a high level conversation about marketing and today’s ever changing social media dynamics and tools. All of a sudden you went from being the key player in the conversation to […]

Touchdown or Fumble? Several Big Game 50 Commercials Triumphed


Forget about all the calories in your Big Game feast (please!). And don’t think about the Carolina Panthers Cam Newton or the Denver Broncos MVP Von Miller. The Big Game is a big hit for all football lovers, yet year after year, everyone tunes in for the commercials as well. More than 111.9 million viewers […]

Aws for Paws: The Marketing Power of the Puppy Bowl

Babe, a Yorkie mix that was rescued by Dave Sherwood, CMA creative director, shows her support for Animal Planet Puppy Bowl Team Ruff’s Maddux, a Chihuahua mix, along with her love for the Green Bay Packers at Creative Marketing Alliance on Jan. 30. Babe was adopted from Animal Rescue Force (ARF) in East Brunswick, after she was found on the streets of Trenton with a skin problem.

Our favorite, tail-wagging event is back again this Super Bowl Sunday! Animal Planet will win over our hearts and spirits February 7th with Puppy Bowl XII. The Puppy Bowl is more than just a cute event before the Big Game, it is a stroke of marketing genius. Who doesn’t love watching a two-hour program devoted […]