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3 ½ marketing ideas for 2011

Although you may think the year is winding down, there’s still time to consider some marketing ideas. If you are going to attempt anything—try these.

1. Take advantage of social media.

Social media is a big challenge for small businesses. The difficulty is finding the time, with only a minority of firms saying they have a dedicated individual following up on the various social media sites on a regular basis.

What can you do to take advantage of this new media?

  • Set aside time each day to manage your sites
  • Communicate often with the members of your group
  • Monitor your subscribers
  • Listen to your members and respond quickly to their concerns
  • Engage, engage, engage – ask questions, poll participants, make it interactive!

2. Produce a video that tells your story.

Placing videos online is not difficult; the key here is to have a well thought-out presentation. It is not simply re-purposing your commercials or ads. Sometimes videos go viral because of the unique way they present their content.

How can your video reach and resonate with the right people?

  • Get input from your target audience.
  • Write a script – structure is important.
  • Don’t make it too long – keep it between 1-3 minutes.
  • Publish it on your website and publish it to YouTube.
  • Listen to feedback and make changes where possible.

3. Bridge the gap between in-person meetings and digital communications.

Forget about the debate over virtual vs. in-person meetings. You should be doing both. Concentrate on the way you present yourself and your company in the exhibit hall and on the Web through these steps:

  • For tradeshows and conventions, booth designs still matter! Come up with the best design for your booth by working with your agency and staff to bring together the best ideas for the maximum foot-traffic.
  • Become part of the buzz. Hold a contest, offer creative giveaways and use social media to drive attendees to your booth.
  • Offer seminars and speakers, when possible, that showcase your particular expertise—an in-person seminar can be offered as a webinar for those unable to attend.
  • Don’t wait too long to follow up with contacts you’ve met face-to-face or you will lose your audience.

3 1/2. Call Creative Marketing Alliance.

CMA strategies focus your brand and sharpen your competitive edge. Give us a call and we’ll meet you half-way on the road to the business-building marketing and communications your company needs to succeed.

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